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B&R is a leading manufacturer of automation solutions. Being the largest private company in this industry worldwide allows us to concentrate on real market requirements and innovations.We are an extremely qualified partner for automation in many different industries.Well known companies all over the worldrely on the solutions B&R provide.
Our customers profit from lower production costs,higher process speeds,precision,dynamics,security and efficiency.Working together we achive peak performance both technically and economically.Our solutions cover the range from single machine controllers to process control systems.
Our commitment to research and development guarantees a high level of innovation and quality as well as the long term availability of our products.Consistent quality control, automated throughout the entire production process,can be considered our trade mark.
Perfection in Automation has provided the foundation of our activities for more than 30years.We are a strong and reliable partner for your automation needs anywhere in the world.
Business sector :
  • Automotive IndustryIndustrie du bois
  • Industrie de la plasturgie
  • Instrumentation de mesure et de test
  • Industrie du métal
  • Mobile automation
  • Food and beverage
  • Pétrole et gaz
  • Technologie environnementale et recyclage
  • Emballage

Products :

  • PC industriels

PC industriels

  • Visualisation et commande

Visualisation et commande

  • Systèmes de contrôle

Système de controle

  • Systèmes d’E/S

Système dES

  • Motion control

Motion controle



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