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Management system through innovation in SEA


Management Innovation


Why Management system through innovation ?

To allow to SEA of following the new market, to achieve our strategic objectives, be a leader in our field and in order to be competitive, SEA Group is integrated into a policy innovation since 2010.

And to improve our innovation management, we have taken part in inno'06 program managed by Germen organization and the Tunisian Ministry of Industry.
SEA Group has benefited from ongoing training and assistance by experts certified in innovation management by GIZ.

  • Thus, in 2014 we managed to establish an internal system for managing innovation in our society animated by a young team that seeks to innovate and create new opportunities for the company.
  • In 2010, we are among the first 60 Tunisian companies that have established this innovation management system.
  • In 2014, following an assessment by program officials, we are among the top 5 among 60 companies that have succeeded in establishing an effective and efficient innovation system

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